Saturday, March 21, 2015

Higgs Discovery: The Power of Empty SpaceHiggs Discovery: The Power of Empty Space by Lisa Randall
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The verification of the existence of the higgs boson with high confidence by the LHC is one of the most important scientific findings on the 21st century so far. Predicted the in 1960s by Peter Higgs, the higgs field, mechanism and associated boson would in great part explain the masses of the elementary particles. Lisa Randall takes a very technical subject and turns it into physics for everyone - even people who can't (or won't) do math. No, you won't *understand* the physics involved, but you'll be able to grasp its importance and its implications to advancing the frontiers of physics in the coming years when the LHC will operate at full power. Should you read this Kindle Short? Well, if science to you is all about making a better toaster, then no. You should go through life clueless about the nature of the universe you live in in. However, if you long to get a handle of why reality is the way it is, you'll get an appreciable amount of satisfaction from reading anything that Lisa Randall writes, because she doesn't dumb down the physics concepts. She explains the limitations of her analogies and cleans up any misconceptions that they might cause. She makes it clear that a lack of mathematical treatment of the subject matter severely limits the depths of the subject matter, but takes care bring the mathematically uninitiated as far along as possible.

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