Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Physics and PsychicsPhysics and Psychics by Victor J. Stenger
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Victor J. Stenger was a physicist who wrote many books about the conflict between modern science and claims of believers in the paranormal or supernatural. In Physics and PsychicsVictor J. StengerPhysics and Psychics, Stenger points out the many fallacies in the assumptions, methods of investigation and analysis of data committed by those who propose that the supernatural and paranormal are legitimate foundations for accepting as real such claims as clairvoyance, psychokinesis, auras, cosmically connected consciousness, survival of consciousness after death, observer dependent reality and miracles. He uses the best modern scientific models as well as reasonable criticism to refute such claims and does so convincingly provided that the reader’s criteria for accepting claims as true is evidence based. His view is materialistic and steeped in philosophical naturalism. His writing is clear, matter of fact and frequently witty. If your worldview is dominated by faith and religious dogma to the point that you’ll cling to it in spite of evidence to the contrary, you’ll find this book very offensive. If you’re open-minded enough to examine a well thought out criticism of these claims, then you’ll at the very least understand why materialists like Stenger adopt the point of view that the universe is matter, energy, space and time and nothing more. Just remember this – if you’re reading this, it is because the science that made that possible is the exact same science that Stenger uses to make his point.

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