Saturday, April 04, 2015

Atheist Fundamentalist: A Comparison of Atheist Atheist Fundamentalist: A Comparison of Atheist "Fundamentalism" and Religious Fundamentalism by Brian Dalton
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Brian Keith Dalton of the Mr. Deity fame has laid out a very compelling argument that no one has anything to fear from a fundamentalist atheist, because atheists don't have a user manual that commands them to murder by the thousands armed and unarmed men, women and children, rape virgins, burn towns to the ground, hate those who aren't in your tribe, hate your own family and so much more. And sure we can agree that fundamentalist religious nuts are the immediate problem, but he also makes the case that moderates, by not editing their user manual, might as well be condoning the actions of religious fundamentalists. You can see the video version of this book on "The Way of the Mister" channel on YouTube. Give it a look and tell me where he's wrong.

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