Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The United States ConstitutionThe United States Constitution by United States
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This is the supreme law of the land. It is a must read for any US citizen. When you read it, please note that power is given to "the people" (US citizens) - not a leader, king or god, and this implies that good citizens should take part in their government. I think that any citizen who complains about government without getting involved by contacting his or her representatives and leaders should be summarily ignored as they are not exercising the responsibilities of being a citizen. I think that our pledge should be given not to a flag, but to the US constitution, because that is where law and our democratic ideals are spelled out. I think that the constitution should be subject to change where changes in society require that modifications be made to ensure equal rights for all under the law. I think that any candidate for federal office of any kind should be schooled enough in constitutional law that such person should be able to correctly answer a series of reasonable questions about what is or is not allowed under the constitution as I have seen too many candidates display a profound ignorance of constitutional law.

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