Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Must Read For Every Trump Supporter

The Pleasure of Finding Things Out: The Best Short Works of Richard P. FeynmanThe Pleasure of Finding Things Out: The Best Short Works of Richard P. Feynman by Richard Feynman
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This is a great little volume of the shorts works of the 1965 Nobel Prize winning physicist, Richard P. Feynman. Here, you will find Feynman's discussion of computing, the intersection of science and culture, science and religion, his famous "There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom" - a talk that is often credited with helping to start the nanotech industry, his historic minority report to the Space Shuttle Challenger Inquiry, and his thoughts on the value of science. At a time when the United States political landscape is populated with people who deny the findings of science and the value that those findings can bring to society, this book can offer some insight into the dangers that such attitudes hold.
For me, Feynman is a model of how to approach mystery and applying the solutions of mystery to everyday life. His integrity, ingenuity, originality and humor are inspiring. He would have been one to say, "Work the problem, have some fun with it, and save the drama for your mamma." In a society influenced by "reality" TV and fake news, his is a sorely needed approach.

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