Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Politics is SICK!!

Playing Politics: The Science of ElectionsPlaying Politics: The Science of Elections by Scientific American
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This collection of articles from the pages of Scientific American and Scientific American Mind focus on the science of politics, and addresses topics such as candidate charisma, voting trends and vote counting, what constitutes a fair election (if such a thing exists), trends in political identification, as well as the psychology influencing how we vote, how we perceive candidates, how we choose party affiliation, and the electoral college. Also included is a panel of science policy questions given to Obama and Romney before the 2012 election. Given how FUBAR the 2016 election was, this book needs a serious update. Most of it is still relevant though. If you're not overwhelmingly sick of politics at this point, this collection will educate you on just how sick politics is.

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