Sunday, January 22, 2017

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Flight (Smallville Series for Young Adults, #3)Flight by Cherie Bennett
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This is the third in the Smallville young adults series. It tells the story of Clark Kent and his new friend Tia Haines. Tia is sprouting wings and her controlling father and brother want to make her life miserable while up to no good themselves. Tia wants to fly, but she's scared. She also believes that her mother abandoned her. Clark takes it upon himself to give Tia all the moral support he can muster while holding down a job at a pizzeria and preparing himself to skydive with Lana despite his acute fear of heights. I can relate. As we all know, Clark will learn to love flying, but he has many issues to resolve before he becomes The Man of Steel. The Smallville saga is one of my favorite coming of age stories and this story - not a novelized episode, but written by a show writer - fits in nicely with the episodes of the television series. If you're looking for some light reading, this is a very fine read at any age. After all, if the kid in you is already dead, you're not very far behind.

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