Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Failure to Prepare is Preparation for Failure

Cracking the AP Physics C Exam, 2015 Edition (College Test Preparation)Cracking the AP Physics C Exam, 2015 Edition by Princeton Review
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A Very Decent Review

Cracking The AP Physics C Exam is a very useful guide for test prep. It also stands alone as a solid review of Mechanics and Electricity & Magnetism. Equations are almost a!ways derived so that an understanding of their limitations and appropriate use are understandable. This is not a substitute for a good calculus based physics textbook (although it is superior to some bad ones I've seen) and it's scope is limited. The exercises are rigorous and solutions are detailed. Two exams with keys end the book. This book is updated annually to reflect changes in the two part AP Physics C Exam. In addition, this book is an enjoyable read for the expert seeking a trip down memory lane on a tour of fundamental physics.

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